Eagle pictures from Jess Saleh

Shirley Rodemeyer
A blue heron at the Horicon Marsh in Wisconsin. From the Hampton State Bank bus trip last week (6-4-12).

-Carol Card, Hampton

"Pilated woodpecker in our backyard, how pretty."
 - Ron & Margo Ryan, Hansell


Bluejay, Cardinal, Eagle, and Grouse near Allison courtesy of Monica Edeker





A Hummingbird...from Pat Larson of Hampton


Kara Kruse of rural Allison

Some photos of a Baltimore Oriole on the feeder

Paul & Colleen Barnes



Despite the wind tipping their pole, these beautiful finches found their seed!
Shari Showalter

Here's a couple pix I took around the area of 400 and 2nd St NE here in Hampton.  The individual bird on the tree is a Red Bellied Woodpecker.
The 2 birds on the bottom of the feeder are male Rose Breasted Grosbeaks.

-Jim Card



Here is a photo I took Ames, Iowa.  I heard this fella singing his song and 
looked up to see him sitting on top of a very tall pine tree.  I am having difficulties 
in identifying what type he is.   Shelene Codner


We had adult eagles in this tree beside our house.

Barbara Hansen


A Great White Egret

Barbara Hansen


Plump little Goldfinch on My feeder

Lacey Craig


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