Caris Gardner   

    "Caris Jenika Gardner was born premature at 32.5 weeks in Iowa Falls, IA. Her first hour and a half was a true trial for her, the doctors and other staff. They all fought hard to get her out of me and keep her alive. She was born @ 1:04a.m. January 16, 2013. She weighed 4lbs 5oz and was 17.25" long. Around 3:45 the life flight helicopter took off with her aboard to Blank Children's Hospital. She was diagnosed with H.I.E. (Hyptoxic ischemic encephalopathy), which means she was lacking oxygen to the brain while inside. She also has severe apnea and needed oxygen for the first few months. Since we have 4 other children (ages 10,7,4 and 2) we couldn't stay down there all the time but we were VERY comfortable with the staff at Blank. They always called to update us on procedures, tests or overall well being of our daughter. After MRIs, ultra sounds on her brain, oxygen, and a long 61 days Caris was sent home to be with her family! She came home with a feeding tube, O2 monitor and suction because of her brain damage she can not swallow. "

Update - Caris Gardner passed away Saturday, June 1, 2013.

Joshua & Tiffany Jo Gardner

Day 1

1 Week

With her nurse, Barb, who stays in contact

4 months!

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