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Paul Harvey is both a newscaster and a storyteller beloved across the nation. His broadcasts emphasize the viewpoints of "the heart of America"--the millions who still cherish the personal qualities of those who have made this country great. From that point of view, Paul will frequently make emphatic comment on events both at home and abroad. Perhaps the one word most often used to describe Paul Harvey's broadcasts is "courageous." He has also been referred to as "the burr under the saddle of the American conscience." "Paul Harvey's News and Comments" can be heard on KLMJ-FM at 7:30 AM and 12:00 Noon during the week and at 12:00 Noon on Saturday.

Paul Harvey literally grew up in radio newsrooms. Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma he made his own radio sets while still a boy. While in high school he frequented KVOO Radio until the station manager finally hired him in 1933. Little did he know then that his contribution to broadcasting and communications would take him around the world and bring him full circle back to Oklahoma for induction into The Hall of Fame.

He rose to announcer and then Program Director while working his way through the University of Tulsa. He graduated and spent the next three years as a station manager in Salina, Kansas. His newscasting career was launched at KOMA in Oklahoma city, which in turn opened the door to an exciting position in St. Louis.

In St. Louis Paul Harvey became Special Events Director and newsman at KXOX, but the most important event there was his meeting the girl he always called Angel. Her name was Lynne Cooper, and she had come to the station for a school news program. Paul invited her to dinner, and proposed to her that very evening, and they were married shortly thereafter. Their union has continued through today, and lead to to what Paul says was the most important news event he ever reported: the birth of his son, Paul Jr.

Through his news work in St. Louis there came a special assignment: to do broadcasts from Hawaii as the US. Navy began to concentrate its fleet in the Pacific in 1940. Paul was aboard ship, returning to the United States from that assignment, when the Japanese struck at Pearl Harbor. He enlisted in the Army Air Corps where he served until 1944.

In June of 1944, Paul decided to move to Chicago, where he began broadcasting from the then-ABC affiliate WENR. He quickly became the most listened-to newscaster in Chicago. Paul began his coast-to-coast news and commentary on the ABC Radio Network in 1951, and has continued there without interruption ever since.

One segment of his news since 1946 he called "The Rest of the Story." It represented Paul Harvey's continuing fascination with the forgotten or little-known story behind the stories of people and events. In 1976 ABC decided to spin off the segment into a separate series. Paul Harvey enlisted the services of his son, who by then had become a concert pianist, to help with the increased writing demands. "The Rest of the Story" airs on KLMJ at 3:30 PM weekdays and 7:30 AM on Saturdays.

Paul Harvey is in constant demand as a lecturer at conventions and organization meetings all over the country. He has authored books, articles, and inspirational records. His nationally syndicated newspaper columns are seen three times a week. His broadcasts and newspaper columns have been reprinted in the Congressional Record more than those of any other commentator. Paul has received eleven Freedom Foundation Awards and has been elected to the National Association of Broadcasters' Radio Hall of Fame and the Hall of Fame in his native state of Oklahoma. Other honors include the Horatio Alger Award, Father of the Year, and the Gallup Poll list of America's Most Admired Men. Paul Harvey News is the largest one-man news network, comprised of 1,075 radio stations, an additional 400 stations of American Forces Radio around the world, 100 TV stations, and 300 newspapers.

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