Nikki McCloud   

     Nikki McCloud, January 1997, newborn at Ellsworth Hosp., Lung collapsed at birth, pneumothorax, chest tube put in, flew out on lifeflight to NICU at Blank. Was there for a week. Best care in the world and got reacquainted with a former classmate Susan Issac who was very dedicated, well trained and very caring Blank NICU nurse! Nikki will be a Junior this year! Thank you!!

     Just had to add this. In 1983, Jodi was lifeflighted to Iowa Methodist with a severed hand from a auto accident. Dr. Douglas Reagan performed a 12 hour surgery to reattach the hand. I have 95% usage of my hand and six months after reattachment, I finished my two weeks of Cosmetology College. Owned an operated a beauty salon for almost 13 years and worked as a cosmetologist for 17 years, the later year in nursing homes. Iowa Methodist Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa means the world to me!

Jodi McCloud
Iowa Falls, Iowa

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