Sue Followwill             



Glad you sailed by.

I've been in sales at KLMJ/KQCR and have been in outside sales for, well I can't tell you then you'd know how old I am!!

I have two children Jason lives in Phoenix and Kristi lives in Iowa City.

In the summer you can find me at Clear Lake at the cottage and maybe fishing with my trusty pole Tiger.

I'm suppose to tell you some useless information about myself. Here goes. I was born and raised in Belmond and have 5 brothers and 4 sisters. Now the interesting point of this there are 5 of them that live within 5 miles of Belmond and 8 live in the state. This info might come in handy someday in a trivia question. Betsy at the office thinks she is related to me, sometimes I think we are. We have a habit of thinking alike.

In my spare time I do what I like to do---whatever moves me at the time. I enjoy baking and cooking and changing them up a bit.

Stop back I'll be here.